The Echelon Club is a private membership-based lifestyle organization comprised of prominent figures from around the world and individuals of high social standing in the community. Echelon has attracted some of the world’s most luxurious brands, influential leaders in business, technology, philanthropy as well as politicians, royalty, celebrities and iconic figures. Members gain exclusive access to an array of private gatherings combined with luxury lifestyle, European tradition, cultural and modern style. We provide our members with the opportunity to build relationships with extraordinary and like-minded individuals while raising awareness and funds for a variety of charitable programs and campaigns.

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The Echelon Club was founded by Kimberly Moore in 2005 with the intent of bringing together highly influential people from around the world who are interested in making a difference and creating a better future in the world today. They provide their members with the opportunity to raise awareness and build ever lasting relationships with extraordinary leaders and professionals across multiple industries.

Please note: Application to The Echelon Club is by invitation only and membership is subject to board review. All members are hand picked by representatives or sponsored by at least 2 existing members and must meet specific requirements in order to gain admittance.

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