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October 24, 2013: Baroness Kimberly Moore honored at C5LA – Inspire a Dream gala held at the SLS hotel presented by John Alm, CEO of Coca Cola Enterprises. This year the Kimberly Moore Foundation and C5LA have decided to combine efforts to help ensure a better future for our teens. C5LA students will be given the opportunity to volunteer with Kimberly Moore Foundation programs, pay it forward and give back to other children in need.

April 22, 2013: Baroness Kimberly Moore receives the “Key to the City” presented by the Mayor of Bell Gardens hosted at City Hall.

December 16 2012: The Regency Hyatt Century Plaza has partnered with Kimberly Moore and the  Adopt A letter program for the 2012 Winter Wonderland Christmas event. 100 children in the community will experience a day to remember, ice skating, entertainment, lunch and the opportunity to win prizes and pick up their gifts from Santa himself.

December 9th 2012: Baroness Kimberly Moore will visit 100 children who will not have a Christmas this year. Moore plans to visit each child at their homes with a telegram from Santa inviting them to the Adopt A Letter Winter Wonderland Christmas event.

October 2012: Baroness Kimberly Moore will launch the Kimberly Moore Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a variety of programs bringing hope to children all over the world, helping those without a voice and empowering individuals and communities to change lives.

May 29, 2012: The Kimberly Moore Foundations Adopt A Letter program is proud to partner with Isabelle Benarous to help our selected children and families to overcome emotional conflicts. Program is set to start this year. Please support Isabelle and her outstanding work by following her page at:

March 17, 2012: This year we will finally be able to answer the letters of children who wrote to Santa asking him to protect their parents (who are police officers working out on the field) and provide them with a bullet proof vest because their parents can not afford! We are very excited to make these children’s dreams come true.

April 02, 2012: Baroness Kimberly Moore will star in a new documentary reality series “This Time for Africa” regarding her work in Guinea Bissau. This Time for Africa trailer to be shot this week in Los Angeles.


December 2011: This year the  Adopt A Letter Christmas campaign has decided to team up with Didrick Medical’s “World Hand Foundation”, launched after winning the 2009 Perfect Pitch Award judged by Sir Richard Branson, to help children in need. Not only are we going to continue our program answering the wishes of thousands of children in need located in some of the most impoverished areas of Los Angeles, we plan to deliver hope to children around the globe who are missing limbs. The program will provide prosthetic devices for those who lack insurance or financial resources!

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