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FVM GLobal Magazine (June 2013)  Santa Claus is a Beautiful Woman!

Splash Magazine (February 2013)  The Echelon Club- Celebrating 6 Years of Incredible Generosity and Impacts!

FVM Global Magazine (January 2013) Baroness Kimberly Moore- 2012 Hero of the Year-

PR BUZZ: (January 2013)Ms. Santa: Her Adopt a Letter Program Has Helped Nearly 25,000 Children Since 2007 –

CBS (December 2012) Christmas gifts for kids that need it most – A living example of the true Christmas spirit!

FOX  News (December 2011) -Letters Answered- Interview with Kimberly Moore re: Adopt A Letter program -answering nearly 25,000 wishes of underprivileged youth

KTLA News (December 2011) – Adopt A Letter program

FVM Global (December 2011) Magazine: Kimberly Moore FVM Global Magazine Thanks You For Your Selfless Altruistic Work! See article at:

Hub Pages (August 2011) The Kimberly Moore Foundations “Adopt–Letter” campaign teams up with Didrick Medical’s “World Hand Foundation”, launched after winning the 2009 Perfect Pitch Award judged by Sir Richard Branson, to help children in need this Christmas

FVM Global Magazine:

Hydrogen Magazine (January 2011)- On the scene with The Echelon Club– Beautiful Charity

KTLA (December 2010)- Letters to Santa are answered written by children in lower income areas with Baroness Kimberly Moore

GOOD Day LA (December 2010)- Adopt- A-Letter program, an Echelon Club program which answers needy children’s letters to Santa

Fox News (December 2010)- Letters to Santa answered by Baroness Kimberly Moore

Billionaire 500 Magazine (February 2010) Echelon Celebrates another exciting year of events!

Yahoo Finance News (January 2010)
The Gandhi Legacy is Alive “Music4Peace” Announce Alignment With South African Government for the World Cup, and Touring India and Brazil

Fox News (December 2009) Echelon Club members answer letters to Santa and will fulfill the wishes of nearly 2,000 children in the community. (August 2009)
Magnificent Celebration for a Magnificent Desolation – The Echelon Club Commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing honoring Legendary Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

Celebrity News Los Angeles (July 2009) The Echelon Club Celebrates “Look to the Stars” with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

Luxury Life & Style Magazine (June 2009)

Peoples Magazine (March 2009) Echelon supports Secretary of the Arts

Billionaire 500 Magazine (January 2009)-Baroness Kimberly Moore of the high society “Echelon Club” is honored at glittering ceremony for all her philanthropic efforts!

Fox 11 News (December 2008) “Letters to Santa” Kimberly Moore prepares The Echelon Club’s “Adopt-A-Letter” program securing almost 15,000 Christmas gifts this year.

Eworld Media News (November 2008) “Hollywood Music Awards” honors Baroness Kimberly Moore for securing music programs in schools through Echelon’s “Keeping Harmony Alive” program.

Eworld Media News (November 2008) Baroness Kimberly Moore receives honors from Prince Arkady Bugaev for her charitable initiatives.

Bilde (Sept 2008) German Prop 2 Gala in Bel Air

Fox 11 News (Sept 2008) Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Give Support to Prop 2

Los Angeles Times (Sept 2008) Gala in Bel Air raises more than $1 million for Prop 2

Haute Living Magazine (Sept. 2008) – Los Angeles Launch- St Tropez in LA”

Eworld Media (August 2008) Mayor Honors Kimberly Moore at City Hall Auditorium for her Dedication and Outstanding Contribution to the Community (July 2008) – Inner City Schools “Back in Tune” Thanks to The Echelon Club

Eworld Media (July 2008) The Echelon Club Provides the Solution- To view the video, please download the Boomerang at the Echelon Media Station at:

Fox 11 News (June 2008)- Music Program Saved at Bell Gardens High School – A new campaign called “Keeping Harmony Alive” developed by Kimberly Moore of The Echelon Club keeps music program intact!

CNBC (June) The Echelon Club Brings Harmony to Hundreds of Children at Public Schools (May 2008)-
The Echelon Club is “Keeping Harmony Alive”

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