“Keeping Harmony Alive” is an Echelon Club program founded by Baroness Kimberly Moore which developed after adopting the wishes of thousands of children within the community on Christmas day 2007! Keeping Harmony Alive was inspired by a young girl by the name of Grissel Luna who was deeply impacted through the Adopt A Letter program after writing a letter to Santa and receiving the tools needed in order to continue her passion in music. When Grissel found out the music programs were about to terminate at months end, she immediate turned to our Adopt A letter program for help. With only 2 weeks notice and just hosting one event along with the support of our Echelon members and friends we were able to secure enough instruments to sustain the program for the next 15 to 20 years.

School music programs are slowly being eliminated in public schools due to state education budget cuts and insufficient funds to buy instruments. You can help us secure these programs just by adopting the wish of one child and allowing us to supply these inner-city schools with sufficient instruments to keep their programs alive, while enriching the lives of thousands of children in the years to come. To donate your instruments today, please contact the Adopt-A-Letter program at for a list of instruments needed to help save the music programs, one school at a time!

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