Baroness Kimberly Moore is an active entrepreneur from New York City and Goodwill Ambassador to the United States, best known for using her creative energy in raising funds and awareness for a variety of industries around the world. She has been successful in bringing together highly influential people from around the world in private gatherings to collaborate on business opportunities on a global scale and founded The Echelon Club (a membership-based lifestyle organization in Los Angeles) in 2005 with the intention of incorporating a more charitable and gratifying component to each event. The Echelon Club has allowed her to create a great number of campaigns and programs well recognized in the media affecting thousands of children located in some of the most impoverished areas of Los Angeles.

Since the formation of The Echelon Club, Ms. Moore has received several honors and recognitions for her charitable initiatives. In August 2008, she was officially honored at Bell Gardens City Hall Auditorium by the Mayor and Chief of Police for her invaluable service, dedication and outstanding contribution to the children in the community. Shortly after, she was inaugurated and awarded title of honor, a “Lady of Peace Making” medal from HRH Arkady Bugaev for granting the wishes of thousands of children in need. She won the “Humanitarian Award” at the 2008 “Hollywood Music Awards” for securing music programs in public schools and in April of 2009, Moore was recognized by Americorp for her volunteer work in the community. She was recently awarded an “Order of Royal Crown” a golden medal prepared by the International Royal Courts for her outstanding achievements in philanthropy and winner of the Mogul Award at the 2010 Eworld Music Awards held at LA Live.

In October 2009, Baroness Kimberly Moore was appointed by President Malam Bacai Sanha of the Republic of Guinea Bissau, West Africa and named the first Goodwill Ambassador to the United States of America. Moore was granted full power of attorney to execute activities on behalf of the Presidential Office and interests of the state and afforded all relevant signatory powers to carry out duties sanctioned by the office. Moore will work closely with the First Lady playing a major role on the country’s development while combating various social problems in the country.

Ms. Moore was also chosen as Peace Ambassador in 2010 for Music 4 Peace/World Gandhi Tour promoting world peace through the universal language of music along with other influential renowned leaders such as Dalai Llama, Arun Gandhi and others, founded by Tobias Huber.

In April 2013, Baroness Kimberly Moore was awarded the “Key to the City” in a standing room ceremony at the city of Bell Gardens for impacting the lives of over 25, 000 children and activating the community to work together to create change.  After Moore was awarded by the California State Legislature for her outstanding dedication to the children in the community.


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