Philanthropy Appreciation Event Hosted by Dr. Raymund King, Honors Kimberly Moore’s Adopt-A-Letter program to help bring Christmas to children in need!

ray_kimThe annual Philanthropy Appreciation event took place in Dallas, Texas hosted by Dr. Raymund C. King, voted in Fortune Magazines as “America’s Premere Lawyer”. The purpose of the event, founded by King himself,  is to raise awareness and bring together like-minded charities located in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas in order to find ways to work together and combine efforts resulting in greater impact. Baroness Kimberly Moore was chosen as this year’s honoree for her Adopt A Letter program to help bring Christmas to children in need. Her program has already answered the wishes of over 25,000 children in the community.

As many of you know, Moore is also a big believer in combining efforts with charities who share the same mission. Moore believes charities need to stop competing with one another and start working together if we want to make a real difference. Through her Adopt A Letter program, Moore is also looking to adopt the wishes of other non-profits to help further their cause resulting in greater impact for the child and community. This year Moore partnered with Peace Fund, Larger than Life, Children’s hospital (adopting the wishes of terminally ill children) and now looking to combine efforts with C5LA at risk teens, involving them in her community service program. Moore says, “I love involving kids from other programs in our “pay it forward” community service program to teach them to be others focus, it’s a win, win, win, win situation. Both charities win, the  community wins and most important the child wins!

Baroness Kimberly Moore and NBA player IRA Terrell

Moore is also looking to partner with non-profits who  are transparent and do good work in Africa in order to continue her Goodwill Ambassador work. Moore says, “When there is a particular need, I don’t have all the resources and some organizations have been doing this a long time, why reinvent the wheel when we can work together and focus on the cause. I don’t need to have all the credit all the time,  it’s all about the impact we are able to create… not about me!”

To learn more about Kimberly Moore’s organization visit – Adopt A Letter at:


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