Baroness Kimberly Moore Brings Warm Meals to Families in Need on Thanksgiving Day!

On September 22nd, this gentleman wife was hit by a drunk driver while sitting outside on their front porch. The wife lost both her legs and has been in the hospital ever since. This poor family is under severe emotional distress and at the same time struggling with medical bills and among other bills. This father was depressed because he could not afford to buy thanksgiving dinner for his family! We decided to pay them a visit and help set up the table for the entire family with a nice warm meal along with other gifts for his children.


Special thanks to John Raygoza for sponsoring our Adopt A Letter families with a phenomenal dinner and another big thanks to Paula McCann for sponsoring the clothing for our little 5 year old girls along with her brothers and sisters. 

The families were so moved by this gesture,  Adopt A Letter decided to go back to the grocery stores and pay a few surprise visits to other families in the area. 

Baroness Kimberly Moore plans to surprise families every year by going through the early batch of letters written to Santa by underprivileged children just before the holiday. Adopt A Letter will through the letters and pick the ones of children asking for food this holiday season and surprise them unexpectedly at their door on Thanksgiving day. 


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