Baroness Kimberly Moore attends Night of Superstars in Tyler, Texas

999616_10151777102086586_1972760678_nNight of Superstars is an “Oscar-like” red-carpet charity event that draws numbers of local celebrities, high-profile personalities, media, and hundreds of guests! Celebrities chosen get to escort the evening’s superstar kids who are challenged with various types of disabilities down the red carpet before they pick up their awards for achievements in areas such as academics, athletes, extracurricular activities, the arts and community service.

The event was held Saturday, Nov. 16 at The Cascades Country Club in Tyler. All the young  superstars got to walk down the red carpet with some of their favorite celebrities and sign autographs. The evening included dinner, musical performances by Taylor Heard and W.T. Greer, and an awards ceremony for the superstars, then cocktails and dancing with Big Daddy Band performing.

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This year Moore was paired up with a little girl named, Jacy Penland. Moore says, “It was such a humbling experience to escort these courageous children down the red carpet and see how excited they all get! I can’t tell you how much joy it was to watch their little faces light up when they arrived at the gala to sign autographs and take photos with their fans!! We all had a great time and these kids are such a great inspiration to me!”

Night of Superstars is not a stand-alone organization, but is a part of the non-profit, Ragan’s HOPE. Night of Superstars was founded by Greg Johnson in 2005 in Dallas, TX. The event began as a small event with 12 Superstars and 100 guests at a small theater. In 2006 the event grew to 15 Superstars and 250 guests in the same small theater. Night of Superstars was never intended to be an annual event and ceased after that. However, due to popular demand, the event was revived in 2010 and has grown to enormous proportion and now expanding into other cities across the country with several hundreds of guests in attendance at each event.


This was Moore’s second appearance at Night of Superstars. Her last appearance was on September 21st in Dallas, Texas held at the Gaylord Texas resort. Moore got to escort 13 year old Collin down the red carpet. Collin was challenged with Sticklers and Pierre-Robin Syndrome, Asthma, Aplastic Anemia, Vision and Hearing Loss, Learning Disabilities, Juvenile Leukocytic Leukemia – Remission, Intestinal Lesions, and a need for frequent blood transfusions. This remarkable superstar was celebrated at the event for excelling in areas of social skills, fundraising, and leadership by serving others. His desire to give of his time and services has him involved in his local church youth group, the city food banks, St. Baldrick’s Pediatric Cancer Foundation, the Buddy League’s baseball organization, March of dimes and participated in his first 5k last year!

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All funds raised at Night of Superstars benefited Ragan’s HOPE, a non-profit organization  committed to helping parents of children with catastrophic illnesses or injuries endure the initial impact and embrace the future by providing financial, emotional and spiritual support, Moore was excited to attend once again and celebrate the accomplishments of these remarkable superstars.  Moore says, there are now talks about bringing the event to Hollywood, Ca. in 2014 to celebrate some of her Adopt A Letter kids challenged with a variety of disabling conditions.

To learn more about Night of Superstars visit their website at:


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