Adopt A Letter- Winter Wonderland – Brings Christmas to 100 Kids in Los Angeles

Kimberly Moore and her Echelon club presented thkim_kidse Adopt A Letter- Winter Wonderland Christmas party at the Regency Hyatt Century Plaza hotel! Echelon members were invited to witness the true gift of giving this Christmas.

100 children from the community who will not have a Christmas this year were selected for a magical day of ice-skating, entertainment, lunch and the opportunity to win prizes and meet Santa. The event was hosted by Baroness Kimberly Moore and welcomed special guest Mayor Jennifer Rodriguez and celebrity emcee, David Joyner (the man behind the costume of Barneys and Friends and Hip Hop Harry) and Christmas music by singer Rick Vanderkleijn.


Prior to the event Moore visited every child at their home 2 weeks prior to the event with a telegram from the North Pole and personal invitation from Santa to attend the event. Families were given special tickets and bus passes and were told to meet at City Hall at 12pm on Sunday Dec 16th at Bell Garden’s City Hall. Moore arrange 2 school buses from Montebello district to pick up the families and transport them to the Regency Plaza Century Plaza Hotel for a day to remember.


The morning of the event, Moore was not sure if all the families would show up due to the rainy weather conditions. Moore showed up one hour early to wait for their arrivals and to her surprise the streets were filled with excited children and families eager to get on the bus! Moore says. ” I couldn’t believe my eyes…  there they all were, waiting in the rain!  The crazy part was, when I got out of my car the kids began to scream “Ms Santa!!  Ms Santa!! I was so overwhelmed with emotions, I could not hold back the tears in my eyes! All the kids and their families gathered towards me and lined up to give me a hug one by one! I have never seen so many happy loving kids in one place. Witnessing the pure simple joy on these children’s faces have really  impacted my life more than anyone could ever imagine!”bus

The families were also greeted by Mayor Jennifer Rodriguez of Bell Garden’s  and council member, Daniel Crespo. Children were given name tags attached to a raffle ticket in order to win prizes at the event! Little did they know, Moore went shopping for each  child individually 1 week before.


When the children arrived in Century City, they were greeted by Queen of the Universe pageant contestants hosted by former Ms. Universe, Ms. Puerto Rico, Joyce Giraud. The girls also performed a phenomenal ice skating show for the kids. The kids were presented with an all you can eat luxurious buffet and a separate station filled with colorful deserts, chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate with marshmallows. Moore says, ” I don’t think the families knew what to expect when they got on that bus, somehow they all trusted me and had no clue as to where we were taking them.” The look on their faces when we arrived at the hotel was absolutely priceless!”


Henry Lizard Lover arrived with his pet lounge lizards to present an exciting show for the kids!


Santa also made a surprise arrived with presents for all! Each child was called up on stage one by one to pick up their gifts! 🙂

_MG_4129 _MG_4048

Special thanks to our sponsors at Regent Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel for making a difference in these children’s lives.


Special thanks to our donors at Conaway and Conaway, Adam Scheiner MD, Henry’s Lounge Lizards, Brits in LA and all our individual supporters for all the smiles they’ve creating for the children in the community. This was indeed a day to remember!

_MG_4209 kim_santa

Another special thanks to the Kimberly Moore Foundation’s new Hope Ambassadors for their volunteer efforts and for “Paying it Forward”: Laura Lopez, Denise Lopez, Dominic Luna, Grissel Luna and Maurice Turner


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