The Kimberly Moore Foundation’s Adopt A Letter Completes Another Successful Year Delivering Hope to Children in Need!

Little girl asks Santa for food!

The Kimberly Moore Foundation’s Adopt-A-Letter program is proud to complete another successful round of deliveries to children in need living in underprivileged areas of Los Angeles. The Adopt A Letter program personally answers letters to Santa written by children addressed to the North Pole and hand delivers them directly to their doorstep. This Christmas Baroness Kimberly Moore and her special elves made surprise visits to over 4000 children at their homes making sure their holiday wishes came true. Not only did Santa’s helpers provide them with everything in the letter, they also made sure to provide them with basic needs such as: food, clothes, shoes, school supplies, grocery gift cards, blankets and much more.

Moore says: ” Due to the economic crisis, I can see a significant change in the requests in this years Santa letters. More and more parents and single moms are writing letters to Santa asking for help in taking care of their little ones AND children are asking Santa for more necessities instead of toys because their parents are struggling or jobless.”  Moore is very thankful for all who participated in the toy drives this year as she believed these children deserved some extra presents. Moore explains how the toys collected from the drives act as great “boxstuffers”. Once the kids get their “specific wish” granted, then they are able to throw in a whole bunch of extras making it even more exciting for the child when Santa’s elves arrive. Toy drives also makes it much more inexpensive for the donor isince they have to buy less, so they are more likely to adopt more wishes from other children.

Little Briana- Single mom asks Santa for clothes and toys for her 5 children

Moore says, “Anything I can do to put a smile on their faces, will bring me the greatest joy. It was a tough year for all of us and a lot of non-profits are suffering as you can see a significant decrease in donations this year. It took a lot of strategy, encouraging friends of friends to participate, creating partnerships with other organizations and using social media sites such as twitter, facebook and youtube to promote our cause and spread the word. It was a 24 hour job for 3 months, but well worth it once you can witness the joy we are able to bring to so many!”

One of Moore’s favorite stories this year was little 7yr old Christy, who wrote a letter to Santa asking him for anything he can bring her since her parents were out of work and were not able to celebrate Christmas . On Christmas day, some of Christy’s relatives arrived with 2 little wrapped gifts for her, but after playing earlier with the little girl next door. Christy realized that the little girl was much worst off  and barely had any food to eat. Christy felt bad excepting the gifts from her relatives and asked her mom if it was OK to give it to her friend. The mom asked if she wanted to unwrap the gifts first but Christy refused as she wanted the little girl to be surprised when she opened it herself. When Christy and her mom returned home after giving away her little presents, Moore and her helpers arrived just on time holding a huge box of presents for Christy. Her eyes lit up the mom in tears looked at her and said,  “You see Christy, when you give to others, God will always make sure you receive”. Little Christy’s reaction put everyone to tears.

Estephanie receives her presents and shows off her $100 bill

Another great story was 17 yr old Estephanie, who asked Santa for nothing more than to make sure she graduated from H.S. so that she can one day have a descent job to provide a better life for her parents. Santa’s helpers arrived with a box full of school supplies, clothes and $100 in cash in an envelop from Santa. Estephanie lived in a family of four living in a 15×15 apartment. It wasn’t much but meant the world to them as her parents burst out into tears. Moore decided to keep in touch with her to make sure she graduates this year. Moore says “It is those letters asking for simple things that really stand out and break my heart. Some times I feel many kids and most parents who write letters to Santa are crying out silently for help in hopes that someone mayrespond! No one is expecting us, we just say we work for Santa Claus and quickly leave as we would never spoil it for the kids.”

Denise and Laura Lopez receive a computer, school supplies and clothes for the year.

The Kimberly Moore Foundation would like to thank all their supporters at Echelon Club LA/Dallas, Brits in LA, Grupanol, Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute, In-Vest USA, Bell Garden’s Free Clinic, DeVorzon Gallery, Hydrogen Magazine, World Hand Foundation, FVM Global Magazine, FOX News, KTLA News and more. The Kimberly Moore Foundation will also like to thank her loyal Adopt-A-Letter volunteers, Celebrity photographer Isaac Mathew White from IMW Photography, Raul Pena of Modern Revolution Photography, Taline  Bedrossian, Sade Adelekan, Grissel Luna, Gina Michaels and musician Rick Vanderkleijn who has been by her side the last 2 years working late hours every day just to witness the joy of what a simple gift can bring.
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