Baroness Kimberly Moore launches “The North Pole” application — A must have for all iphone, ipad and itouch users!

December 1st, 2011

Get ready to download the first app that truly shares the Giving Spirit of Christmas. The app not only allows kids a direct line to Santa, but it instantly gives them multiple gifts in the way of Games, Printable Color Pages, Printable Posters and more. The app will include a multitude of educational games for children such as “Santa wants you to know these basic facts about the world”, There, children can read about how many other children do not have clean drinking water through out the world, What is Malaria?,  How can we help those less fortunate etc.. also will include multiple questions and answers such as: “Santa Wants you to behave”… what to do if your child is approached by a stranger in school, what to do if your child or someone they know gets bullied in school, the importance of doing Homework and getting good grades etc…  The North Pole Application is partnering with many caring companies to help deliver messages of Christmas Greetings, Hope and free items.  With the help of sponsors, Baroness Kimberly Moore’s “The North Pole”application plans to support the Adopt-A-Letter program and answer thousands of letters each year written by underprivileged children around the world.

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